Simplexity in Dentistry : How to Simplify our daily practice

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18:00 - 20:00


Pure Clinic Centre dentaire de Sierre (plan)
Avenue du Général Guisan 30
3960 Sierre




Nom Qualification
Dr Katherine Losada Médecin-dentiste en pratique privée, spécialisé dans les traitements esthétiques et conservateurs – Suisse

The conference will be performed in english.

Technological innovation have had a huge impact in the odontological field. This evolution allows us to perform better diagnosis, more efficient procedures and it simplifies the schedule of our clinical work.
The use of tablets, smart phones with its smile design and photography apps, altogether with the physic properties of fluorescence while using ultraviolet light, are nowadays allowing us to aboard the patients in an easy and simple way, without sacrificing the quality of service we should offer.
Nevertheless, to find our way in this technological jungle remains a challenge, so that the aim of this presentation is to sort out, within the great amount of new softwares and gadgets, the useful ones out of the useless ones.

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