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Our Values

Recent Story

PURE CLINIC Health Institutions came into being only in 2012, so this company is the youngest among the French speaking regional groups of medical and dental clinics in Switzerland. It is the only clinic where human medical and dental services coexist under the same roof. Initially it appeared in Martigny, Sierre, Sion and Versoix, but today it is also active in Geneva and Verbier, and most recently opened its new office in Saxon.

PURE CLINIC Health Institutions is a synergy of various clinics, centres and offices which altogether form a network of health institutions, co-ordinated internally, integrated into the social and sanitary environment, driven by the same vision and same goals, priorities, fundamental principles and values.

PURE CLINIC Health Institutions employ highly trained staff. Our health specialists joined us in this private health industry group bringing on their professional experience from the hospitals, universities, community health centres, long-stay institutions.

One Goal, one Priority

  • To inspire hope and contribute to the health of the people and their well-being by providing the best health care to each patient, by implementing a professional programme which includes clinics and their activity, training and research.
  • To satisfy the needs of the patients in first place.


  • To become a leader in Switzerland among the companies providing dental and medical services, nurturing 
innovation and quality.
  • To achieve a long-term satisfaction of the patients as this will represent a main tool to attract new patients.
  • To become in Switzerland an essential group of companies in health industry and unavoidable for our partners, regional authorities, population, health insurance or specialists in dental and health services.
  • To become a reputable centre of training and education for the postgraduates in the medical science, future doctors and dentists.
  • To establish efficient mode of economic development compatible with the medical practice and dental practice of a very high quality.
  • To invest in the modern technical equipment and professional environment of very high standards.

Our Principles

High Quality Care

  • To deliver medical care of the highest standard of quality within the available budget for each patient or family.
  • To increase the safety of medical care even in the complicated cases or where the profitability could be low.

Continuous training for the post-graduates with the following purpose:

  • To attract and hire the staff members of the most high quality of professionalism.
  • To guarantee the post-graduate training to our collaborators via PURE CLINIC Education which is part of our group, and to offer the existing continuous training on the national and international levels.

Close and Solid Relationship between the Practicing Doctor and his/her Patient

  • To create a loyalty attitude of the health professionals (practitioners, physicians, dentists, hygienists and dental nurses) who work within PURE CLINIC Health Institutions.
  • To create trust between the patient and the practitioner.
  • To treat and support a known and renowned patient as a clinic’s partner.

A Complementary Institution

  • PURE CLINIC Health Institutions is a complementary institution to the health system.
  • PURE CLINIC Health Institutions uses its structural units to complement other services and industry agents in public and private health system.

Cost Optimisation

  • Thanks to the centralized unit of purchase, GENERAL DENTAL & MEDICAL SUPPLIES, our centre avails of the best products at best possible prices while respecting the principles of economy, ecological aspects and durability.

Our Place in the Health System

Being a group of clinics has the advantage of attracting young or mature health professionals to join us and justifies our place within the health system.

PURE CLINIC Health Institutions mutualise the organisational and investment costs which allow to maintain the technically equipped platforms and to carry out their regular renovation.
The teams help to properly organise the activity of the clinic in all circumstances, to manage the situation of absence, to create part-time jobs for the health care professionals who do not want to work full time or choose less stressful professional life style focusing purely on the provision of care.
Supervision of the senior staff members of the clinics and consultants helps to share the practice and opinion of the most experienced specialists.
This way of organisation is beneficial for the patients and doctors who feel safe in this environment of shared competence, availability of the highly equipped technical platform and human resources of the highest quality.

Clinic Activities

Dental Care

Dental Medicine for the Family

Within the frames of one appointment we can provide a range of services from sanitation care up to prosthetic rehabilitation care, including implants, from dental aesthetics to professional dental hygiene services. This is a dental medical care for the family which starts from the general examination following the creation of the treatment plan and often helps to reduce the cost estimate and eventual search of insurance or social benefit guarantee.
The core of our general medical dental care staff members is supported by the specialists which allows us to provide a complete oral dental care to the patient.


Many of our clinics have specialists among their staff members who satisfy the needs of the general dentists and closely co-operate with them. Complex oral surgery and especially pre-implant bone grafting can be carried out in Sierre, Martigny and Versoix. Orthodontic services for children and adults are provided by three renowned specialists in Sierre, Martigny and Versoix.
Orthodontic services for children and adults are provided by three renowned specialists in Sierre, Martigny and Versoix. Consultation in stomatology which will take into account the non-dental diseases of the mouth cavity can be provided in Martigny and Versoix.

Emergency Services 

We are not an Emergency clinic but we assume this task gladly and proudly. We provide services to many patients who have not found proper care in the busy offices or who limit themselves to only emergency services in order to save on costs. Management of the costs of the emergency treatment is in the centre of our particular attention as the goal is to make them affordable for everybody.

Paediatric Medical Dental Care

Up to the age of 8-10 years, it is difficult to provide dental care to a frightened child. The pain of the treatment, required immobility, and intrusive character of care in the invisible cavity creates fear in a young patient, which may not be justified, but because of the procedures and injections the anxiety of a child reaches high levels even before the young patient is being approached. Safe techniques of conscious sedation by means of the laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide) allow lowering significantly the resistance of a child and making the session easier. When the volume and duration of care makes it impossible to apply this method, general anaesthesia is available. It is applied by highly qualified staff (anaesthesiologist physicians) with the help of the appropriate technical equipment.

Institutionalised Elderly People

Having lost or not their autonomy, institutionalised elderly people often create a problem from the point of view of oral dental practice because of the poly-medication and loss of dexterity. These issues become even graver when dealing with the people with cognitive problems.
PURE CLINIC Health Institutions developed a partnership with the Medical Social Establishments thanks to availability of our mobile dental care units, so called “Dentibus”, which have the possibility to arrive, in agreement with the Medical Social Establishment, to the place of residency of the elderly people.
PURE CLINIC Health Institutions are responsible for the dental care of the residents of various Medical Social Establishments where we have established our offices; an example is the retirement home Petit-Saconnex in Geneva and the Centre of Source de Saxon.
PURE CLINIC Health Institutions has a training programme for staff members who provide services in the Medical Social Establishments to ensure the early screening to avoid dental complications among elderly people who lost their autonomy and to organise proper care or prosthetic dental care in due course. Dental care of an elderly person has its particular features: optimal and reliable care, taking into account the wishes of the patient, his/her state of health and his/her budget.

Special Needs Patients

ENT Radiation Therapy for cancer, valve replacement, organ grafting are the real emergency cases which require dental sanitation, applying various rules, before any of those treatments can start. To carry out this task within a very short period of time, one has to have a team capable to provide this type of care in emergency situation.
PURE CLINIC Health Institutions have trained competent staff for such situations and consider this type of care for the patients with special needs as one of our priorities.

Professional Oral and Dental Hygiene,
Prophylactics, School Screening

Prevention of the carious and paradental disease is in the focus of attention of our medical care. Every day dozens of patients attend consultations of our dental hygienists to prevent carious illness and dental supporting tissues. Besides the teeth cleaning provided by the clinic, the specialists apply a remarkable prevention screening effort in all the areas of the oral dental health.
Our hygienists and dental assistants develop exceptional prophylactic preventive care for individuals or for the groups and are eager to educate young people in case of manifestation of the symptoms which can be treated by our clinic.
The idea of such practice is to give good advice of prevention at the events which are not linked to the care (sports, commercial events, fairs, commercial counters etc.). This is an efficient strategy which allows combining educational knowledge with the health awareness in unusual places and using unusual media.

Human Medicine

Medicine for the Family

Family medicine or general medicine is the central part of the human medicine in our PURE CLINIC Health Institutions . This is the first contact with the system of care concerning all health problems, independently of the age or gender.
Our family medicine ensures the coordination of the care with the other professionals of the primary care and other specialisations.
Our family doctors use a very specific way of consultations which after some time leads to the establishment of relationships between doctor and patient based on a clear communication. They manage health problems of a chronic and acute nature for each patient, and provide emergency services if needed.
Our family doctors respond to the health problems of physical, psychological, social, cultural and existential nature.

Health Promotion

Good health is a main condition of a good quality of life, stable professional potential and happy private life.
The PURE CLINIC Health Institutions doctors try to maintain a good state of health in each individual and the well-being of our patients for as long as possible, and if this is not possible, to improve their state of health by appropriate treatments specific to concrete cases and situations.
The more possibilities we have to screen and prevent the health problem, the more chances we have to treat the problem quickly and successfully. If a treatment is required, the doctors of PURE CLINIC Health Institutions engage in this process promptly.
PURE CLINIC Health Institutions favour health promotion and health education in communities via appropriate and 
efficient interventions. Family doctors of PURE CLINIC Health Institutions assume a special responsibility for the public health within the community.

Ambulatory Emergency

In Switzerland more than 1,100,000 urgent ambulatory appointments happen on a yearly basis. Those are simple cases of medical emergency (headaches, stomach aches, flu symptoms) or surgery cases (sprains, dislocations, simple fractures) which do not require hospitalisation but become a burden for the big regional hospitals where people go in case of emergency. PURE CLINIC Health Institutions deal with the ambulatory emergencies thanks to our staff members who are prepared for such situations in all our offices. Besides competence and qualification, the patients also benefit from the proximity, conditions of admission which are simplified and the waiting time significantly reduced.


Beside the family doctors, PURE CLINIC Health Institutions make available to our patients a wide range of essential medical first aid specialisations: gynaecology, urology, cardiology, hand surgery, gastro-enterology – these services are already available in the Medical and Dental centre of Versoix. Physiotherapy often completes this range of emergency services in our clinics and helps patients to regain their normal function and wellbeing. Special office with such services as physiotherapy, uro-gynaecology, dedicated to the problems of continence and rehabilitation after the child birth, before or after the gynaecological pelvic surgery already exists in Versoix.
Good health and adequate nutrition are closely related which represents a critical condition in case of metabolic diseases, obesity, diabetes, or after the stroke. Eager to contribute to the public health care system and to confront health problems of the major importance in the 21st century, PURE CLINIC Health Institutions provide professional medical advice and special follow up events for the sake of mobility and adequate nutrition.
Swiss population has the longest life expectancy among OECD countries, that is 85.2 years of age for a woman and 81 years for men.*The longer life period is good, but longer quality life is even better. Keeping this in mind, PURE CLINIC Health Institutions is one of the rare groups which provide specialised consultations concerning menopause.

* Figures refer to the year 2014, htpp//
reference made on 31.03.2016

Values of
PURE CLINIC Health Institutions

The activities of the clinic exposed above are carried out based on the values which represent our guidance in our everyday life as a company.


Staff members of the PURE CLINIC Health Institutions do their best to deliver the best treatments for the best price and ensure sustainability and excellence of care that they provide by their continuous training and education. They follow the procedures established by the company directors as far as regulations are concerned and use the results of the most recent scientific research.


The staff of the PURE CLINIC Health Institutions treats each person with dignity and respect, whether these are patients, their family members or employees of the group.


The staff of the PURE CLINIC Health Institutions provides accurate and transparent information to the patient concerning diagnostics, prognosis, treatment plan and its financial and social consequences.
They act in the same way in cases of complications or failure.


PURE CLINIC Health Institutions and their teams constantly avail of the innovations in medicine, new medical and medico-dental techniques, and use them in their equipment. The purpose of the group is to give the patient access to the best advancement of the medical science, best motivated specialists equipped with the latest achievements in evidence based medicine.


First of all this attitude is aimed to the patients who have difficulties in accessing health services (people with the reduced mobility, with behaviour trouble issues, phobias and socially isolated people).
Our staff members apply ethical professional principles when treating any patient.


This refers to the trust that the patients put in us. It is important to alleviate the consequences of the illness, to accelerate cure, to restore the normal functioning as soon as possible, to allow the patient to recover aesthetically, in social and professional spheres.
Economic efficiency consists in efficient cost management. It refers to the necessity to respect the treatment budget agreed with the patient or with their third party.
Within the team, efficiency is the spirit of co-operation and positive attitude which ensures for each employee motivation in a friendly environment.

So, Who are We?

PURE CLINIC Health Institutions strives to be exemplary as a partner and to become one of the most reliable companies in the field of the health care.
Today we have 85 employees (physicians, dental assistants, physiotherapists, dentists, nurses, dental hygienists, medical assistants, radiology technicians, office managers, administration staff members…) who are adamant to respect and promote this charter and to prove that our private health institution occupies a significant place in the global health system of the regions where we have our offices and that we complement the other private and public agents of the health care in this industry.
This ethical promise based on our values is the core of our spirit as a company and of our future development.

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